Conversational ai solutions

Whatever your business category is we have a Chatbot waiting to assist you.

Customer Engagement

Engage a bot with customers coming to your website or business applications with meaningful conversations about your products/services/enquires and FAQ's.

Social Media

Setup our chatbot which will listen to your customers right within your Facebook page or Telegram . Showcase your products, run lead generations campaigns, and engage customers on your new product launches and offers.

Enterprise Bots

If you want a custom made Bot for your Enterprise to be enabled internal to your organisation or for your staff/customers, we have you covered.


If you want a Bot to be available for a limited period, say during product launches/surveys/feedbacks/events we can assist you during those campaigns.

Why Chatbot

  • Get upto 80% response rates with Chatbot and messenger bots compared to email campaigns.
  • Increase in return on ad spends via engaging customer bots.
  • Automate mundane and support conversations.
  • Help visitors with instant answers.
  • Gather contact information of a visiting customer for long term engagment.

What You Get

  • A chatbot designed and configured just for your business in the platform of your choice.
  • Receive all leads and customer interaction details immediately for your actions.
  • Increase your Chatbot engagement as you grow for the wide variety of applications it can be used.
  • Expert advise and support from us on using the Chatbot responses and suggestions on new engagements of your business where Chatbots can be used.
Customer Service

Enquiries, feedback, surveys & customer support

Boost your sales and customer engagements using our Bot for your store fronts.


Online shops, facebook stores

If you have an online store or a Facebook business page for your products our Bot can help you showcase the products, features, price and any other features you need.

Travel, Tourism & Hotels

travel bookings, hotels & cuisine

If you are running a business in tourism, travel or hotel industry our Bots can help you manage customer bookings and queries


Fashion stores, pizza points, food trucks and many more

Boost your sales and customer engagements using our Bot for your store fronts.