Connected devices worldwide is estimated to have an exponential growth to reach up to 75 Billion devices in this decade. Smart – cars, factories, buildings, machineries, water management, agri practices, lighting & homes etc will be the norm than a digital dream. Though this poses a massive engineering challenge, companies who do not adopt to this reality and disruption will be phased out.


We provide IoT design, development, consulting, integration solutions and services to wide a range of industry sectors to help them improve their operations and efficiency. Our future proof solutions covers advanced digital transformation technologies that enable our customers to embrace the move to a smart and connected world with ease. The pre-built software stacks and custom tools not only help to reduce cost but also increase the time to market for various solutions. With a huge experience and domain knowledge in IoT industry, backed by constant quality monitoring and agile delivery methodologies, we can be the preferred partner for all your IoT needs.

IOT Consultancy

  • Define IoT business objectives, scope , models and costing & monetization plans.
  • Analyse and IoT use cases.
  • Prepare requirement documents.
  • Design IoT architecture documents and road maps.
  • Selection of appropriate technologies and components.


  • Develop new product lines to implement native IoT protocols.
  • Implement IoT connectivity protocols like MQTT, Thread, CoAP & develop IoT gateway supporting these protocols.
  • Re-engineer existing systems to make it IoT compatible.
  • Deploy field level connectivity protocols like BACnet, Modbus, ZigBee, WiFi & Bluetooth etc. 
  • Remote Firmware upgrade.
  • Security & Edge Analytics Implementation.

application development

  • Develop IoT application for management for remote monitoring and centralized control.
  • Implement algorithms for preventive maintenance and failure prediction for product specific use cases.
  • Mobile App development and API development for third party integrations.
  • Platform integration and device simulation for scalability tests.
  • Custom IoT middleware and protocol adaptor development.
  • Options for Cloud hosted, on premise and hybrid solutions.

tools & technologies.

  • BACnet, CoAP, HART, BOSS
  • ThingsBoard
  • ThingWorx
  • AWS IoT Stack
  • Azure IoT Stack
  • Native iOS, Android
  • Cross Platform – Flutter, ionic, Xamarin


  • Our team has experts who have implemented Building automation,  Security systems, Industrial and Data centre automation projects for Fortune 500 and global companies.
  • Cloud based Building Management Systems.
  • Energy monitoring and control solutions. 
  • Experience in building Flow measurement and monitoring systems.