Analyze and Visualize your entire company data covering all KPI’s. Aggregate data across various departments and collectively make use of the data as a single source of truth to grow your business.

Collate & Visualize

The operational data in your organisation might be residing across various departments, independent software platforms or in many cases with individuals. Collect all these information and drive data analysis and visualization for C-Level executives and management teams in your organisation using our seamless cloud solutions.

Predictive analysis & Insights

It is imminent that in the current world business data will be the driver for growth. Get real time data insights and a birds eye view of your entire operations for enhanced strategy planning and decision making, thereby increasing productivity and reducing failures.

Why Business Intelligence

  • Identify ways to increase profit.
  • Track performance.
  • Optimize operations.
  • Analyze customer behavior.
  • Spot market trends.
  • Discover Issues or Problems
  • Predict Success
  • Increase operational efficiency

What You Get

  • A fully cloud enabled data analysis and visualisation platform.
  • Custom & tailor made applications depending on your business scenario and needs.
  • Get your data aggregated across various systems, databases or file sources and get insights presented to suit your business.
  • We can define KPI's and Metrics for your business needs and provide deep insights for your organisation.
  • Completely secure, role base accessible and fully scalable platform.
  • Maintenance and support staff to help you manage your BI systems.
  • Fully mobile and web responsive apps which can be accessed anywhere.
  • Your applications will be hosted on worlds leading cloud solutions providers network.

Conversational ai solutions

Whatever your business category is we have a Chatbot waiting to assist you.


Engage a bot with customers coming to your website with meaningful conversations about your products/services/enquires and FAQ's.

Facebook Pages

If you own a Facebook business, have a bot listening to your customers right within your Facebook messenger. Showcase your products, run lead generations campaigns, and engage customers on your new product launches and offers.

Enterprise Bots

If you want a custom made Bot for your Enterprise to be enabled internal to your organisation or for your staff/customers, we have you covered.


If you want a Bot to be available for a limited period, say during product launches/surveys/feedbacks/events we can assist you during those campaigns.

Why Chatbot

  • Get upto 80% response rates with Chatbot and messenger bots compared to email campaigns.
  • Increase in return on ad spends via engaging customer bots.
  • Automate mundane and support conversations.
  • Help visitors with instant answers.
  • Gather contact information of a visiting customer for long term engagment.

What You Get

  • A chatbot designed and configured just for your business in the platform of your choice.
  • Receive all leads and customer interaction details immediately for your actions.
  • Increase your Chatbot engagement as you grow for the wide variety of applications it can be used.
  • Expert advise and support from us on using the Chatbot responses and suggestions on new engagements of your business where Chatbots can be used.